A container for my texts

I am already a writer in that I am someone who writes, and someone who needs to write to stay sane in this world. I have had a job for the past seven years in which writing has been the main job description and I have the automatic urge to express myself in writing on my pages on social media. But now I want to do this differently.

I am not going to lie to you. I want to become a published author. I received a title for my book about a year ago (I am not going to reveal it to you now), and as soon as I finished my dissertation last year I opened a new document on my computer and started writing on it. It’s just that it doesn’t seem to work very well for me. I need an immediate audience for my text, I need that instant reward when I have finished a text. I was never officially diagnosed ADHD (only autistic) but I sure have many of the traits. I read a post this morning in one of the neurodiversity forums online where I hang out, that it is so difficult for people with ADHD to do things for what feels like a delayed reward, it has to feel instantly rewarding. When I write shorter posts that I get to publish instantaneously, I get that reward. The dopamine floods my system and I can get on with my day.

Another thing that dawned upon me yesterday – when I decided to start this blog – was that I am already writing this book. All the time. The (secret) title for my book is like a code, or an instruction. But I already operate within the book, and the messages that the spirit of this unborn book wants me to birth into the world are already pouring out of me. The majority of my posts revolve around the central them, and many of the things that I do in my lived life are embodied practices of the same message.

I am still not going to tell you the title of the book, but I will tell you roughly what it is about. It is to make us Sacred (again). To honor ourselves as living beings, not resources or empty vessels, and to make sense of our nature as both expansive and finite. I want to write about this using my own life as an example (micro) as well as looking at the bigger picture (macro) and how these two levels relate to each other. Does how I view and treat myself have a bearing on how we treat Mother Earth? Yes it does, will be part of my message.

How will this work then? Well, the idea is that I will write anything that comes through this code here on this blog, in this container. And when the timing is right, I hope to be able to weave the posts together into a coherent book.

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